Only a few places on earth…

Leave the noisy civilization behind and let our experts introduce you to the wonders of the desert, mountains and beautiful coastline.In search of nature, one of a kind… In only a few places on earth such nature diversity could be found. Oman… an attractive concept of tourism offering culture, arts, heritage, nature, sports, adventure, entertainment and knowledge.

..…Original, natural and cozy

If you want to plan you holidays from day to day, you can enjoy the privileges of making your own program once you are in Oman! Just choose amongst our range of daily excursions and 1-night trips the one appealing you for the next day!

History and Heritage



Amazingly beautiful

Muscat, not only the historic city…

The capital of the Sultanate of Oman is a bustling commercial center. Founded over 900 years ago, it still remains a small jewel of the Arab world. The city has an excellent road system and infrastructure and many ports and beaches. It is one of the cleanest cities in the world.

Nizwa, the Pearl of Islam…

Nizwa is the trade capital known as the “Pearl of Islam”.

For its visitors, mountains, wadis, handicrafts and historical interests guarantee good sights and experiences.

Salalah, unique place for monsoon weather…

Known as the tourist hub of Dhofar region, Salalah is famous for its lush greenery and the Khareef or monsoon season.

The town has many attractions, including the gold souqs with hand-crafted jewellery.

Nature and Adventure

Riding through dunes…

Discover the home of the fiery Bedouins and experience the true spirit of life in the desert, the Wahiba Sands, a vast mass of red and white sea of sand rising up to hundreds of meters high. Visit a Bedouin family and learn about desert life and how they have survived desert storms for thousands of years. Adventure camel riding and dune driving.

Splashing in natural rocky pools…

Ancient riverbeds and wadis, cut through the mountains all over the Sultanate. Go for a wadi trail through Wadi Bani Khalid, a glistening green vein in brown mountains, Wadi Shab, a ravine between cliffs approached by a magnificent coastal road, or Wadi Tiwi with its spectacular views, orchards and flowers. Swim and splash in their natural rocky pools.

Climbing breathtaking mountains…

Hidden between the mountains, deep canyons, sinkholes and old villages are fabulous destinations for a 4×4 trip.

Enjoy refreshing and pure breathes in Jebel Shams, rising up at 3000 meters, or Jebel Akhdar, covered by green terraces all through the year.

Cruising along the virgin coastline…

Let the beauty of sunset touch you in a gently rocking boat. Cruise along the magnificent coast and discover one of the many hidden beaches.

Camp out in the night and watch silently in the moonlight, as the ritual that’s continued unbroken for thousands of years, unfolds before you.

Splashing in natural rocky pools…

The warm and peaceful waters of Oman are a home to a variety of dolphin and whale species.

What’s more enchanting than going for a cruise and being accompanied by a family of dolphins playing and jumping around the boat?

Climbing breathtaking mountains…

The beautiful Omani coastline is not only appreciated by dolphins! Many thousands of green turtles come every year to nest on the beaches of Ras Al Hadd. Watching them hauling themselves laboriously out of the water to lay their eggs or seeing the babies hurrying to the sea is a touching and unforgettable experience.

Amongst our Nature and Adventure programs:

  • Desert Adventure and Oasis trail
  • Desert Adventure and Oasis trail – overnight
  • Nizwa and Jabal Shams
  • Nizwa and Jabal Akhdar
  • Wadi Shab Trail
  • Nakhal and Wadi Mistal – trekking day
  • Wadi Abyadh – BBQ Dinner

Some of the Sea and Wildlife programs we propose:

  • Desert, Green turtles and Wadi Shab: 3 in 1! – overnight
  • Dolphin watch
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Diving

Some of our History and Heritage programs:

  • Muscat city tour
  • Nizwa and Jabrin
  • Nizwa and Jabrin

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